Sydney startup Juggle Street connects parents to local carers

A number of Australian startups have, over the years, tried their hand at solving the problem of how to connect parents with quality carers for their children.

Sittr, for example, has developed an app that allows busy parents to discover, book, and pay for verified babysitters and nannies, while Hobart startup AirParents aims to make life a little easier for parents by connecting them to others in their local or school community who know how they feel and can lend a helping hand.

Another is Juggle Street. Cofounded by David James, CEO and Amr Elsayed, CTO in 2014, Juggle Street looks to connect families with ‘local helpers’.

The idea came to James out of a need his own family had faced; when he founded the business he had four children across daycare, primary school, high school, and university, with both he and his wife working.

“The family where both parents work – and single parents work – has become the norm, and it has become tougher and tougher to maintain a career and raise a family. With this shift the demand for local help just keeps increasing as working mums are being forced to outsource more and more of their childcare needs,” James said.

“Busy parents and local helpers do live on the same streets, they just don’t meet each other anymore.”

In terming those performing jobs through its platform ‘helpers’, James is adamant that Juggle Street is not a babysitting service. Rather, he said, it’s an “on-demand job platform build for many family jobs”, from before and after school care to nannying and, as of the last few weeks, home tutoring. Read more

Gina Baldassare – Startup Daily – 2 July 2018