That Startup Show, City of Melbourne build startup stock photo library to celebrate diversity in Australia’s tech ecosystem

Melbourne-based web series That Startup Show has partnered with City of Melbourne to create a stock photo library designed to showcase the breadth of diversity in Australia’s startup scene.

When many think of startups, the image that comes to mind can often be that of a white male in his mid-20s, smartphone in hand and dressed in the go-to uniform of jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt. Indeed, most stock image libraries are dominated by those types of images.

That Startup Show wants to prove that stereotype wrong by creating a stock photo library featuring founders and startup employees from all walks of life.

The live talkshow discusses issues facing Australian entrepreneurs and the local startup ecosystem, with its first season already being downloaded 1 million times after launching on BitTorrent in 2015.

“I think from our perspective, as we are a show and visibility is part of our mandate, showing off the different faces of entrepreneurship is critical for the development of an inclusive and strong ecosystem,” That Startup Show co-founder and chief executive Anna Reeves tells StartupSmart. Read more

Angela Castles – Smart Company – 26 Oct 2017