The Brand Mapping Strategy : Design, Build, and Accelerate Your Brand (ebook)

Author: Karen Tiber Leland
If you don’t define your personal brand, someone else will define it for you. Sharing hard-earned insights, advice, and best practices, brand and marketing strategist Karen Tiber Leland helps entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs and executives create a brand by design instead of default, gain greater influence in their industries and companies, and become thought and industry leaders in their fields. The Brand Mapping Strategy uses tips, tricks, and anecdotes from brand-building masters to give readers the tools they need to design, build, and accelerate a successful brand. Readers will be able to: Develop an overall blueprint for their brand using the Brand Mapping Process; Determine which online tactics (and in what combination) will your for their brand; Expand the current brand outreach and contribution to a bigger audience in their industry, community, or the world at large; Become a thought or industry leader, using clear positioning, a specific strategy for brand building, and a method for implementation; Leverage content effectively and efficiently to build their brand; Develop a marketing and social media strategy using the right platform; and Establish a greater executive presence, promotion, or expanded opportunity.
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