The connected consumer (book)

Author: Dinesh Kumar
There is a tectonic shift in consumer behavior because of changing lifestyles. Online commerce was only a pre-cursor to what we see today: people who live most of their life online. These digital natives spend most of their time online, texting, talking or simply checking on what others are doing on their mobile phones. Online stores offer them not only a wide range of products but recommendations based on their psychology and habits gathered from data gathered from various sites. Instant connection with friends and experts help them decide what they buy. This book explores changing consumer behavior due to constant connectivity and how businesses are responding to these changes. It describes how data is used to track and analyze customers in almost everything they do, and how marketing communications are delivered with precision to influence the consumers during their decision journeys. The connected customer is blurring the line between online and offline sales resulting in an entirely new purchase cycle. The book also does some crystal gazing to describe the future of consumer buying and questions whether this peering into customers lives has limits.
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