The modern lawyer : marketing strategies, tips & tools (book)

Author: Mira Stammers
We can’t ignore it any longer, digital disruption is here and it’s taking the legal profession by storm. The technology revolution is changing the way legal services are marketed, accessed and delivered, and those changes have created some fierce competition. To survive, we must adapt, we must carve new niches and exploit old inefficiencies, and we must be driven by what legal services could be rather than what they’ve traditionally been. The Modern Lawyer provides you with proven strategies, tips and tools that will help transform your practice from the inside out. These strategies provide you with a complete marketing solution to help you achieve dramatic results in your practice, without investing a lot of time and money. With strategies and tips that take just a few moments to read, The Modern Lawyer will help you attract more clients, increase profitability from your current client base, and make your practice stand out from the crowd.
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