The new retail revolution : bricks and mortar stores are not dead just different (book)

Author: Joanna Arhontis
How a bricks and mortar store can survive and thrive in the fast evolving technological world. International author, speaker and retail business consultant, Joanna Arhontis, has been in the retail trade running her own business for over a decade and in retail, in some form, all her working life … hence her philosophy Life is Retail, Retail is Life. Joanna, in this book, unstintingly shares her amazing wealth of knowledge. Her strategies will ensure that your bricks and mortar retail outlets will not only survive but will be more successful than ever before. You’ll learn: How to survive and make money in this fast evolving online economy; The vital 7 steps to minimising your expenses and maximising your profits; How to use online and social media to dramatically increase your sales and the amount of customers through your doors; How to create ‘Out of the Box’ strategies to help you run a successful retail store; To understand and build your image and branding without it costing you a fortune; How to win customers and keep them forever in both your online and bricks and mortar stores; and Why you absolutely MUST use goal setting in both your personal and business life.
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