The Xiaomi way : customer engagement strategies that built one of the largest smartphone companies in the world (book)

Author: Li Wanqiang ; translated by Martha Avery
The cofounder of “China’s new smartphone king” (CNN) reveals the strategy that launched his company to the top of the industry in record time In an extraordinarily competitive industry, Xiaomi has risen to the top echelon through innovative marketing and visionary business strategy. In just four short years, it has become the third largest smartphone maker in the world. How did they do it? The Xiaomi Way details both the marketing and business strategy behind the company’s success, each of which is built on three pillars. Its marketing maxims are: Open R&D to users, create an interactive design, and promote through word-of-mouth. Its strategy tenets are: Create products that are “in,” turn users into fans, promote through social media. All put together, these six principles have created a company that many are comparing to Apple. Whether you’re seeking a book to help you grow your business or you simply love incredible business success stories, The Xiaomi Way has everything you’re looking for.
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