‘Tipping point’: Disability support start-ups are coming of age

Australia’s carer and disability start-up space is enjoying unprecedented momentum, and AbleFinder co-founder Summer Elizabeth is ready for action.

“We‘re quite confident about having 100,000 families globally using our platform, and we are the first platform like this for children with disabilities,” she says.

Along with co-founder Andrius Petrosius, she has spent the past year speaking to hundreds of families across the world to build a dedicated tech offering to connect families of young people with disabilities with others facing similar experiences.

Having taken part in the Remarkable accelerator program, the duo have bootstrapped efforts by pouring their free time into the business, set to formally launch in two months. Aside from $35,000 in seed funding from Remarkable, no other cash has gone into the start-up.

Elizabeth, who developed a chronic condition in her teens, has seen first hand the need for families to connect with others who can relate to their situation.

AbleFinder believes it has timed things perfectly for a run this year, as families increasingly look to technology as a first port of call to find carers, friends and support through disability communities. Read more

Emma Koehn – Brisbane Times – 10 Feb 2019