Why emotions are the secret weapon for successful leadership

In business there is a saying- ‘it’s more important to think with your head than your heart’.

But, as modern research shows, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Professor Neal Ashkanasy of has built an academic career in the field of organisational behaviour, focusing his research primarily on organisational psychology and emotional intelligence.

He believes that business leaders, decision-makers and managers simply can’t perform at their best when they don’t have a true grasp on their own feelings and more importantly, the feelings of those around them.

“People make decisions based on their emotions. Even major business decisions which are ostensibly made in the most serious fashion possible are never entirely made on the basis of economics,” says Ashkanasy.

“Emotions are absolutely critical to our thinking. If we don’t know how to manage our emotions, we can very easily make incorrect decisions.”

One of Ashkanasy’s students Jemma King, is currently working with Australian Army commandos to test the effects of emotional intelligence (EI) training on combat performance, as well as situations which require quick and accurate thinking in the field. Read more

Paris Faint – Business News Australia – 13 September 2018