Why Kate Kendall is returning to Australia and bringing her freelance startup CloudPeeps with her

After finding success in Silicon Valley, prominent Australian entrepreneur Kate Kendallis bringing her freelance talent marketplace CloudPeeps to Australia, having been lured back to her home country by Advance Queensland’s Hot DesQ program.

The $8 million Hot DesQ program was created by the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative, which offers Australian expat and international founders up to $100,000 to relocate their startups to Queensland for at least six months, with 29 startups invited to participate in the latest round of the program, according to the Queensland Government.

Originally hailing from Melbourne, Kendall launched CloudPeeps, a platform for freelancers and online professionals, in beta mode in 2014 with co-founder Shala Burroughs, after moving to New York in 2011 and founding The Fetch, a popular curated email of digital and creative events.

CloudPeeps launched in Silicon Valley in 2015 and now boasts 20,000 users, according to Kendall, who is also a board member of the Aussie Founders Network, a community of Australian founders, investors and industry advisors based out of Silicon Valley. Read more

Angela Castles – Smart Company – 31 Aug 2017