Why now is the best time for your business to go solar

Karl Brown (pictured), the founder of one of Queensland’s largest solar businesses Instyle Solar, has quickly become a guru for the sector.

Where many solar businesses have faltered, Instyle has soared, supplying thousands of Queenslanders with cost-saving solar tech since its founding in 2012.

But according to Brown, the benefits of solar are not just for residential clients, the savings can be huge for businesses too.

“It’s never been a better time for businesses to get involved,” says Brown.

“We provide systems that are usually going to pay themselves off in a three to six year period. Based on five years, we’re talking about a 20 per cent return on investment to the business.”

Not only are cost savings for businesses monumental, but the service provided by Instyle goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a solar company.

“If you can afford your power bill you can afford solar!”

Instead of explaining overly-complicated technical specs about solar products, Instyle will sit down with you to explain the financial side of the product and show you exactly how much can be saved in the long term. Read more

Business News Australia – 6 September