Women’s panel says it’s fed up with women-only panels and wants more men

Women business leaders have said Australia must move beyond segregated “women in startups” events and that the country should push for stronger investment in female-led businesses while drawing more male founders into the conversation.

At a panel during Melbourne startup festival Pause Fest on Wednesday, entrepreneurs including cryptocurrency startup Liven co-founder Grace Wong and co-founder of women’s football boot brand Ida Sports, Laura Youngson, said the country’s startup sector would have made progress once “you don’t have to have a special segment of women”.

Moving to this point means focusing on diverse founder teams and bringing male startup founders into the conversation, the panel said.

Youngson said having a male co-founder in Ben Sandhu had been a great experience. Investors and potential partners still routinely direct inquiries to him despite them being Youngson’s responsibility, but she says Sadhu is “able to call this out in a way that I cannot” when it happens.

Girl Geek Academy co-founder Sarah Moran added further advice to the startup hopefuls audience, telling aspiring women entrepreneurs to not rule out male co-founders when launching their business. Read more

Emma Koehn – Brisbane Times – 7 Feb 2019