On Wednesday 3 February 2016, Willow Pryor, Founder Facilitating Futures, spoke at an SLQ Business Studio Lunch Box Forum. If you were unable to attend the forum or would like to experience it again, check out this STORIFY to see what happened.

About the Talk

The Future of Leadership – what is changing in the field and what does it mean for me?

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or starting to expand your business, knowing what is emerging in the area of Leadership can give you the edge that is needed in a world that is moving rapidly. Where left brain logic once ruled, complex, changing environments now call for both left and right brain responses.


– what is emerging in the field of leadership and what that means for you in business today, both as an entrepreneur and an organisation.

– find out why being a leader doesn’t depend on a job title.

– a future’s tool that you can use in your own life and organisation to encourage change and movement towards your preferred future and vision.

About Willow Pryor and Facilitating Futures

Willow Pryor (Masters Strategic Foresight) is the founder and principal consultant/facilitator at Facilitating Futures. The focus of Facilitating Futures is to facilitate healthy conversations around the future through speaking events, Future’s workshops and other Future oriented events/projects that invite individuals, organisations and communities to explore the Future they are creating. The world is changing rapidly and it is those that can adapt to change that will survive. Facilitating Futures is not only about helping prepare individuals and organisations for change but also helping them to leverage change to create new opportunities and possibilities. Willow brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of leadership, business development, education, health and well-being. She has worked with governments, not for profits, SME’s and entrepreneurs. Most of all Willow loves to ignite positive change through the development of more equitable, sustainable and just futures for all.

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