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Researching Indigenous Languages

Recently, the State Library held an Indigenous Languages Research Discovery Workshop allowing community language workers from across Queensland to access the State Library collections. This is an annual event which supports the ongoing documentation and preservation of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. We hosted 22 language workers from the NPA to South-East Queensland. … Read more

William Ridley Notebook (1855)

Recently, the State Library digitised a small notebook of Reverend William Ridley [OM79-32/17], a Missionary who had an interest in Aboriginal languages and customs. Ridley is best known for his work with Gamilaraay, but also undertook comparative studies of other languages in NSW and later Queensland. In 1855, Ridley undertook a journey to Moreton Bay, … Read more

Indigenous Languages Research Discovery Workshop: 1-4 December

As part of the Indigenous Languages Strategy, the State Library of Queensland is hosting an Indigenous Languages Research Discovery Workshop in Brisbane. This workshop aims to build upon and extend previous research workshops and enhance the research skills and knowledge of community language workers. Participants in the workshop will undertake research activities at the State … Read more

NPA Languages Alive

Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council (NPARC) is coordinating a language revival project to support the languages of the five NPA communities – Bamaga, Injinoo, New Mapoon, Seisia and Umagico. The  language profile of the communities include languages from the Torres Strait Islands, Cape York and various Creoles and Aboriginal Englishes. This reflects the original communities … Read more

Indigenous Number Systems

Numbers in Indigenous languages was something that was generally collected by linguists, anthropologists and others with an interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. The perception was that Indigenous counting systems were fairly simple and consisted of “one, two, three, four, five, mobs” or as in the image above ‘many’. As recent as 1981, … Read more

Indigenous Language Apps

There is a lot of interest in Apps that can be used with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. The advent of new technologies has created opportunities to develop learning tools for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and languages.  This post will explore some of the Language Apps available – we would like to … Read more

Directory of language revitalisation programs.

Claire Bowern sends the following request for information to assist in the compilation of a directory of language revitalisation programs. Hi everyone, I’m the regional director for Australia for, a site that lists endangered languages. The people running that site would like to compile a directory of language revitalisation programs, in partnership with the … Read more