Indigenous Languages Research Discovery Workshop: 1-4 December

Talisa: 2012 Research Discovery Workshop, SLQ.

As part of the Indigenous Languages Strategy, the State Library of Queensland is hosting an Indigenous Languages Research Discovery Workshop in Brisbane. This workshop aims to build upon and extend previous research workshops and enhance the research skills and knowledge of community language workers.

Meston Notebook Extract.

Participants in the workshop will undertake research activities at the State Library, but also explore materials held at Fryer Library, University of Queensland. On Day Three, a visit to the Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre at Beenleigh will provide participants with ideas on how to bring language back to life in communities.

Kungala Opening, Yugambeh Museum.

In addition to researching unique language materials, this will be an exciting opportunity to network and share ideas around language revival across Queensland.

Simon, Norman and Jenny, 2012 Research Discovery Workshop.


This event is aimed at language workers and community members who are currently working/have an interest in traditional languages and supporting language revival programs in communities.


1. to explore materials held in SLQ, UQ and Yugambeh Museum collections;

2. to undertake language/locality specific research; and

3. to identify potential applications for using materials to support language activities.

Program Overview:

Day One: Discovering the Collections – highlighting materials in SLQ collections relating to Indigenous languages. Exploring and researching materials relating to participants’ language(s) of interest.

Day Two: Researching the Collections at Fryer Library, UQ – further exploration of language materials held at the Fryer Library, University of Queensland.

Day Three: Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre, Beenleigh – participants will spend the day at Yugambeh Museum exploring their collections and language activities.

Day Four: Researching the Collections – participants will continue further exploration of SLQ materials and share their outcomes with the group.

Extract from Jandewal Wildlife poster.

The SLQ Research Discovery Workshops have been very successful events and we are looking forward to supporting language workers and community members in their language research.

Further details: For additional information, including Registration Forms, please contact Des Crump or Rose Warsow Phone 3840 7893.


Desmond Crump

Indigenous Languages Coordinator, Queensland Memory

State Library Indigenous Languages Webpages


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Images from Research Discovery Workshops held at State Library 2012-2013.

Jandewal Wildlife Poster, courtesy of Barry Brown.