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How can I find an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander word for different parts of the body?

Yuwaalaraay parts of the body.

Yuwaalaraay parts of the body.

A good starting point is the State Library’s Indigenous Languages webpages. On these webpages, State Library has collated over 20 lists of words from 70+ different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages!

Body Parts - SLQ Webpages.

Body Parts – SLQ Webpages.

This is one of the most popular and growing sections and includes themes such as parts of the body, numbers, animals and everyday words. There is even a list of how to say g’day in 70 different Indigenous languages of Queensland!

Brisbane Animals wordlist.

Brisbane Animals wordlist.

Schools and kindergartens as well as community members are looking for examples of Indigenous words to include in games, stories and other learning activities. Parts of the body are especially popular as the words can be used for rhymes such as Hokey Pokey or Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Vocabulary from German Mission, 1841.

Vocabulary from German Mission, 1841.

Generally, these words have been sourced from historical documents such as the 1841 vocabulary compiled by Rev Eipper at the German Mission, Nundah.

South-East Queensland Placenames (Meston).

South-East Queensland Placenames (Meston).

Another rich source is the Meston Notebooks which includes a number of vocabularies collected by Meston in his role as Chief Protector of Aborigines. Rev William Ridley like many missionaries of the 19th Century also took an interest in recording Aboriginal languages – his 1855 Notebook has been digitised by the State Library and can be accessed online.

Hawkwood Station, Parry-Okenden (1914).

Hawkwood Station, Parry-Okenden (1914).

Other sources for Aboriginal words include Trove/NLA Newspapers with many pastoralists and others submitting vocabularies for inclusion in local newspapers – the image above is from The Queenslander and depicts a set of words from Hawkwood Station, via Mundubbera.

Language Resources, SLQ Collections.

Language Resources, SLQ Collections.

Complementing these historical sources and original materials are a range of published materials including dictionaries, linguistic surveys and other texts compiled by linguists and community groups. Collection items can be valuable resources that assist community groups in researching and reviving their local Indigenous languages.

Queensland Language Wordle.

Queensland Language Wordle.

Additionally, these materials and the wordlists on State Library’s webpages can help raise awareness of the diversity of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. Be sure to visit regularly as new wordlists are often added every month!


Desmond Crump

Indigenous Languages Coordinator, Queensland Memory

State Library of Queensland Indigenous Languages webpages


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