Indigenous Languages Research Discovery Workshop, 7-10 December 2015.

Nga-chan-ji Tribe, Roth (1901).

Nga-chan-ji Tribe, Roth (1901).

Final preparations are underway for the State Library’s annual Indigenous Languages Research Discovery Workshop to be held in December. This research event is aimed at language workers and community members who are currently working/have an interest in traditional languages and supporting language revival programs in communities. It allows language workers and community members to explore the collections for materials relating to their languages and/or dialects.

Moreton Bay language - Finch 1842.

Moreton Bay language – Finch 1842.

Such materials include historical materials dating back to the early 1800’s. Thomas Pamphlett, a shipwrecked convict, spent several months with local Aboriginal people and documented some words. In 1842, Charles Wray Finch sent his son Edward to Moreton Bay with a flock of sheep accompanied by Jemmy Ruine an Aboriginal from Molongo (NSW); during their stay Edward documented over 100 words of the Moreton Bay language.

Ridley Notebook extract - parts of the body.

Ridley Notebook extract – parts of the body.

Missionaries provide some of the earliest documentation of Aboriginal languages and the State Library holds copies of some of these early materials. Rev Eipper at German Station (Nundah) collected words in 1841-42; Rev Ridley notebooks from the 1850’s include wordlists from South-East Queensland.

HMS Rattlesnake - comparative wordlist (1852).

HMS Rattlesnake – comparative wordlist (1852).

During this period, survey ships were mapping the Queensland coastline. HMS Rattlesnake charted the coast stopping in at several locations including Somerset on Cape York where Brierley collected over 500 words from the local Gudang language. The ship continued onto the Torres Strait recording languages from Prince of Wales Island as well as three dialects from New Guinea. The State Library holds original and facsimile copies of this rich resource of Queensland’s traditional languages.

Meston Notebooks - Stradbroke Island animals.

Meston Notebooks – Stradbroke Island animals.

More recent materials include diaries, journals and pastoral records as well as published linguistic research. Significant items include the material of W E Roth and Archibald Meston who both served as Chief Protectors of Aborigines in Queensland. Barlow, Watson, Holmer, Sharpe, Blake, Ray, Schnukal and Breen are some of the linguists that have researched and published materials on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages of Queensland.

Holmer - Linguistic Survey of South-East Queensland.

Holmer – Linguistic Survey of South-East Queensland.

The Margaret Lawrie Collection is a treasure trove of language, culture and genealogical material relating to the Torres Strait Islands. Items include artwork, games, family histories, songs and stories.

Myths and Legends of the Torres Strait, Q 398.2099438 MYT .

Myths and Legends of the Torres Strait, Q 398.2099438 MYT .

The above items are a brief selection of the diverse range of language materials to be found in the State Library Collections. Once the program is finalised an Expression of Interest will be sent out through State Library’s language networks; we encourage language workers and community members to make the most of such research opportunities and welcome your attendance at the December workshop.

If you are interested in attending this research event, please contact me at the State Library.


Desmond Crump

Indigenous Languages Coordinator, Queensland Memory.

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