Residents explore SLQ collections

2016 Indigenous Languages Residents.

2016 Indigenous Languages Residents [Annie, Nathan, Gooroomarra, Samuel and Leann with Des.]

The 2016 Indigenous Languages Residency was another successful research event held recently at the State Library of Queensland. For a week in June, four community members from across Queensland were able to access SLQ’s heritage collections to assist their community language work.

HMS Rattlesnake - comparative wordlist (1852).

HMS Rattlesnake – comparative wordlist (1852).

This year, State Library was able to offer four residencies as previous experience has shown that small group research tends to be more effective as community members can share ideas and explore other lines of research. Researchers can also point out other sources for language research, including original materials such as journals, pastoral records, diaries, maps and other primary sources.

Torres Strait Islands, Shnukal (1985).

Torres Strait Islands, Shnukal (1985).

The 2016 residents and their research interests are as follows:

  • Nathan Schreiber from Yarrabah, who is actively involved in teaching Gunggandji language in the school and community
  • Samuel Aniba, originally from Saibai Island and now Cairns, who is interested in supporting the large number of Torres Strait Islanders living in mainland communities
  • Annie Gela, originally from Erub Island and now Rockhampton where she actively supports the Torres Strait Islander community
  • Leann Pope from Bundaberg (Central Queensland Language Centre), who researched several languages from across the region.
Flowers and fruit of mangrove 'Biu' Watercolour image from Yam Island [Margaret Lawrie Collection TR 1791]

Flowers and fruit of mangrove (biu) for kamu sagul. [Margaret Lawrie Collection TR 1791]

Popular items for the week included the Margaret Lawrie Collection and the Archibald Meston Papers which contain a rich trove of cultural knowledge and customs as well as language content. There were also lesser known materials such as the Wilhelm Rechnitz Papers from the Torres Strait as well as the Reports to the Commissioner of Police and others by Walter Roth.

Ku-in-ma-ba-ra Tribe, Torilla.

Ku-in-ma-ba-ra Tribe, Torilla.

The above image is one of several Central Queensland vocabularies collated by Roth and included in his reports as Chief Protector for Northern Queensland. Roth used a template to collect local vocabularies of everyday words from across the region that came under his control – often pastoralists and police officers provided assistance in documenting words from local Aboriginals.

Meston Notebook 8 - Plants.

Meston Notebook 8 – Plants.

It was a great week and the participants all went away with a better insight into the collections and how State Library can assist their community language  revival. The Indigenous Languages Residency is an annual event and will be offered again in June 2017.


Desmond Crump

Indigenous Languages Coordinator, Queensland Memory.

SLQ Indigenous Languages webpages


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