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Aboriginal Placenames of South-East Queensland.

Aboriginal placenames generate a lot of discussion regarding meanings, translations, etc. – in fact, over the course of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, State Library has received a steady flow of requests asking for meanings or origins of placenames across South-East Queensland. It should be acknowledged that the landscape of South-East Queensland had traditional … Read more


Local Brisbane historian Dr Ray Kerkhove has brought to my attention the uncertainty around the meaning of the word ‘kuril’. The popular or commonly accepted meaning is that of the white-tailed water rat; hence Kurilpa = place of the white-tailed water rat. Kurilpa Point and the Kurilpa bridge also bears the name as well as … Read more

Mackay Language Recording Workshop [11-13 September 2017]

As part of our ongoing work with the Mackay community and the revival of Yuwibara language, State Library is partnering with Mackay Regional Libraries and North Queensland Regional Aboriginal Corporation Language Centre to deliver a language workshop in September. George Bridgeman was the Superintendent of the Baker’s Creek Aboriginal Mission established in the 1870’s and … Read more

Indigenous Languages webpages: Meston Notebooks

Meston Notebook 6 - Birds.

A new addition to the State Library of Queensland’s Indigenous Languages webpages is one specific to the language materials of Archibald Meston.  The Australian Dictionary of Biography lists Meston as a journalist, explorer and botanist; however, Archibald Meston (1851-1924) is best known for his role as the Protector of Aborigines for Southern Queensland 1897-1904. Meston was … Read more

Aboriginal names mostly of marine animals from North Queensland.

Aboriginal names ... G P Whitley (1936)

This innocuous title refers to an article written in 1936 by Gilbert Percy Whitley, Ichthyologist and Curator of Fishes at the Australian Museum. Whitley published this article in Mankind, the Journal of the Anthropological Society of NSW. The State Library collections hold several titles by Whitley, including Fishes of Australia, Marine Fishes of Australia and Freshwater Fishes … Read more

Roth ‘The Aborigines of Rockhampton and surrounding coast districts (with vocabularies)’

A rather innocuous item in the State Library collections is entitled “Reports to the Commissioner of Police and others, on Queensland aboriginal peoples 1898-1903” by W E Roth FILM 0714 Inside this item is a veritable treasure trove of language and cultural material from the turn of the Twentieth Century from Central Queensland through to Far … Read more