This section will show a list of Indigenous Language related training opportunities that will be available throughout Queensland. State Library will be conducting regional language workshops over the next 6 months (January 2017 – June 2017) and will provide further details here.

If your community organisation would like to host a future language workshop, please contact Des. or Rose at the State Library.

Check this page often to see the latest listings/updates.

Training Events

Indigenous Languages Residency (12-16 June 2017)

State Library of Queensland is hosting their annual Indigenous Languages Residency at the State Library in Brisbane from 12-16 June 2017.

The Indigenous Languages Residency is valued up to $5,000 to cover travel and accommodation costs associated with the Residency. The successful applicant(s) will utilise State Library’s collections to undertake an intensive research activity into their community language/s.

Dependent on funding, there may be provision to offer two (2) or more residencies for the week – this may entail a small group researching one language/related languages or an individual undertaking research into a specific language or language topic.

This will be a unique opportunity to source language reference materials from some unusual materials and items within State Library collections. It is also envisaged that the Residency will generate new resource materials of significance and interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities working in language revival.

For further details, including Expression of Interest forms,  contact Des Crump or Rose Warsow.

Meston Notebook 6 – Birds.

State Library/Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity Training Workshops (2017-2018)

Due to the successful workshops held in Brisbane, Aurukun and Cairns, State Library of Queensland will be exploring opportunities to partnering with Indigenous Language centres to host training workshops in the next funding period July 2017 to June 2018. These workshops will be run in partnership with the Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity (RNLD) and aim to build upon and extend previous research workshops and enhance the research skills and knowledge of community language workers.

In the current program, participants worked through the Flex Mode of the Documenting and Revitalising Indigenous Languages program and apply this training to their research. The training workshops will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants at each event.


Further details, including Expression of Interest, will be made available when programs details are finalised;  contact Des Crump or Rose Warsow.


Indigenous Languages Regional Workshops

Language Research.

State Library of Queensland, as part of their Indigenous Languages Strategy co-hosts regional language workshops to support local community revival activities.

Generally these workshops are aimed at exploring the languages of the region and identifying community knowledge to complement published resources held in collecting institutions such as the State Library. Other aspects of the workshops include the use of IT and Computer Software to support the documentation and preservation of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

During the 2017-2018 funding period, we are conducting regional workshops and are seeking opportunities to partner with local community groups or organisations – if you would like to express an interest in hosting a workshop, please contact the State Library.



These workshop events are aimed at language workers and community members who are currently working/have an interest in traditional languages and supporting language revival programs in communities. Workshop program is based on the individual needs of each language community; however the following general aims may give an idea on themes or topics for the workshop.


1. to explore traditional languages/dialects of the community

2. to identify existing sources of language knowledge – community knowledge and documented sources

3. to support community members to undertake language/locality specific research; and

4. to identify potential applications for using materials to support language activities.


For further information on the Indigenous Languages Regional Workshops, please call Des Crump, Indigenous Languages Coordinator, State Library of Queensland on (07) 3840 7893 and/or Rose Warsow, Indigenous Languages Project Support Officer, State Library of Queensland on (07) 3842 9087, or email Des Crump or Rose Warsow.