Brisbane Premiere of The Sapphires

On Tuesday 7 August 2012 members of the black&write! team attended the sold out Brisbane Premiere of the movie The Sapphires at The Palace Cinemas at The Barracks.

Linda McBride-Yuke, one of the black&write! staff editors has written the following post about this fantastic experience.

The Sappires - film logo

The Sappires - film promotional image

The film just blew me away – it’s an exciting journey back to the 60’s and the music many of us grew up with.  Wonderful performances by all the actors light up the screen.  Historical and political events of the time are touched on however it is really the story of four amazing Aboriginal women who through their singing brought joy, entertainment and a bit of glitz and glamour to the troops in Vietnam.

After the film, there was a Q & A  segment hosted by ABC Radio 612 personality Mark Colvin with Director Wayne Blair and three members of The Sapphires cast – Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy and Miranda Tapsell.

Many interesting questions were asked of the panel members, two I would like to share with you:

Directed at Wayne Blair an audience member asked, “Why did you choose the music you used in the film?”  Wayne’s response for the use of 1960s and in particular Motown or soul music was, “It’s the best music ever, you can understand it and it’s a great fit in the era of the film.”

After congratulating Wayne and the cast on a wonderful film, another audience member noted, “Wayne you were born and raised in Queensland so can you see yourself making a film in the near future based on Queensland Indigenous stories say, Cherbourg?” which Wayne replied, “Absolutely –  why not?”

The Sapphires Brisbane Premiere event - Linda, Wayne & Ellen

Linda McBride-Yuke, Wayne Blair and Ellen van Neerven at the Brisbane Premiere of the Sapphires

The film has already received fantastic reviews – here are just two from The Courier Mail and the ABC

For more information on the film visit their website.

The black&write! team highly recommends the film as a great social outing for friends and family.

Brisbane Premiere of The Sapphires - Moira & Jessica Mauboy

Brisbane Premiere of The Sapphires - Moira Bligh and Jessica Mauboy