BL.INK @ SLQ…Words across the waters

So what happens when writers across the waters get together for a night of spoken word?

On Saturday 8th September, BL.INK had a social event at the Library Café that bought together our local artist Kaylah Tyson with Anita Heiss, Chantal Spitz and Dewe Gorode. Anita, Chantal and Dewe had been speakers and presenters at the Brisbane Writers Festival all week and it was an absolute honour to have them join us and share some of their work.

Anita Heiss, Chantal Spitz, Dewe Gorode & Kaylah Tyson

Words across the Waters...Writers & Storytellers

Dewe shared two stories that got the audience involved ‘ uuuhuh!’ Translated by Peter , Dewe’s latest collection of works actually sold out during the Festival and her beautiful nature of storytelling was enjoyed by everyone! Smiles and laughter all round!

Chantal spoke in her own language which was a joy to hear! I always find it amazing when artists read in their own language, how you can still interpret the feeling fo the piece – language is truly a wonderful thing! Chantal’s books also sold out during the festival!

Anita Heiss once again joined us to share some of her stories which had the audience in hysterics! From transcending countries to sensual fantasies…it was a hot Saturday Night!

Its inspiring when you meet new writers and hear their stories, what is important to them and why they write. At one of the session at the festival, Witi Ithimaera (who wrote Whale rider) commented that ‘ You write what is dearest to your heart.’

Thank you Anita, Chantal, Dewe and Kaylah for sharing what is dear to you heart with us!

The next BL.INK will be happening on Thursday 20th September at the Library Café. It will showcase some of the great Indigenous political speeches and writings that have been shouted from the streets, the soapbox and from the airwaves.

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