Brisbane Blacks by Mop and the Dropouts lyrics

I couldn’t not share the lyrics to this great song! If you ever come by an album, a cd or even manage to download it from you tube, you can now sing-a-long!

Mop and the Drop Outs – Brisbane Blacks Lyrics

On TV I saw a story of the Brisbane blacks

A story that is touching

A story that is right

In the story a group of people sitting in a park

Drinking in harmony, drinkin’ until dark


You wonder why they’re like that

Those so called drunken blacks

They know that they’ve done the wrong

but the pressure from society is strong


Everyday, each passing day our culture slowly dies

like a piece of paper, thrown on to a fire

now all we got is ancient weapons, now as our only trade

compared to all the immigrants, look how much we’ve made


You look down through your noses to see

the black man grovelling down at your feet

with weary eyes looking up at you

waiting for the message to get through


now it’s time for them to sleep and it’s not in a bed

but in some warm surroundings, in a park or in a shed

warmed only by the grog that him drunk through the day

warmed only by the grog, the killer of his mates


the very first Australians around

the very first people to be down

and why we fight, is to be recognised

only to be failed by your blind eyes

yes, only to be failed by your blind eyes


To listen to the song, visit: Brisbane Blacks