Uncle Herb Wharton recognised for his contribution to literature!

Uncle Herb Wharton

Uncle Herb Wharton was recently awarded the Australia Council for the Arts Lifetime Award for Achievement in Literature.

For anyone who knows Uncle Herb, they would be standing on their feet clapping loudly right now. No-one is more deserving of this recognition that Uncle Herb. A longtime writer and storyteller, Uncle Herb’s stories have been published here and internationally in a number of languages, produced as theatre performances and retold at many conferences, festivals and events throughout Australia.

Uncle Herb has always been a supporter of the power of storytelling and you can read it in each and every word of his works.

Often in a crowd, you can spot Uncle Herb by his aukubra and that distinct swagger only the Drover knows!

Some of his works include: Yumba Days, Unbranded, Cattle Camp and Where ya been mate?

You can go to the State Library website and listen to Uncle Herb speak as part of the panel discussion, “ A World without Books’ recorded in 2008 with other guests speakers, Fiona Doyle, Shellie Morris and Yvette Holt.

Or I encourage you to get online or pop into the Library Bookshop and buy your own copy of Uncle Herb’s work – great reading and just in time for Christmas giving!

Congratulations Uncle Herb from all of us here in kuril dhagun!

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For webcast: http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/audio-video/webcasts/all/literature-and-languages