Story Well writing workshop

Story Well writing workshop participants

Story Well workshop participants. Back Row L-R: Siv Parker, Sue McPherson, Shalon Hilton, Jillian Boyd, Allanah Hunt, Sylvia Nakachi; Seated L-R: Kaylah Tyson, Sue Abbey


Our black&write! On-Screen trainee editor Sylvia Nakachi was one of eight inspiring writers who attended our Story Well writing workshop on November 23rd. This is what she had to say about the day.

It has been an awesome day here at the 2012 black&write! end of year writing workshop -hosted at SLQ.  A powerful and moving atmosphere to hear and capture the voices from deep within the depths and soul of each participants heart.  Each word spoken expressed from deep within their very being, carrying words of affirmation, strength, thoughts, feelings, laughter, culture and identity and being connected to past, bringing healing and wholeness to the present and future.  It was truly amazing how a group of strong black Indigenous women, from all ages, and walks of life, could bring to life ordinary words to captivate, entice and take the reader on a journey into the unknown or simply bring life and positive assurance from a world of creative thoughts.

Each session was conducted by Indigenous editors Ellen and Linda, they challenged each participants to exercise their creativeness, to my amazement I could just see the love, passion and desire each woman had for creative writing.  The writers workshop was also a  wonderful day to see other participants build relationships, and give plenty of encouragement to each other; nurturing more creative growth and helping to find other mediums to develop their fellow participants in their ventures.  The workshop has truly been a magical day of friendship, fun, excitement, hope, sharing of ideas and the love and desire to continue pursuing creative writing.  I call this day a “DAY OF IGNITING THOSE TINY FLAMES” Last but not least, thanks Katie Woods for always organizing and making the workshop creatively come into being.