Murri Claus & his Mad Murri Mob

Another year has gone by and yet another deadly Murri Christmas event!

The sky looked cloudy over Southbank but the sun came shining through once the concert started.  This year we had special guest Sean Choolburra and the Mad Murri Mob with Wendy the Wombat, Kenny Kookaburra, Kay the Kangaroo and Petunia the Possum entertaining the crowd until Murri Claus made his grand entrance. Children and their families practiced the special Sugarplum and Possum Chums song and Gammin Style dance.

There was much speculation about how Murri Claus would arrive. In 2007 he arrived on Harley Davidson motorbikes, 2008 he took a dingy up the river, 2009 he had elves on horseback, 2010 he came by trackless train and last year he went all out, flash, and came by limousine. But this year Murri Claus was environmentally conscious and arrived by a Green pedal cab.

When Murri Claus got to the stage everyone performed his favourite song and dance and he loved it. Then everyone had a chance to line up to get their photo taken with the jolly man himself.

Thanks to everyone that came out to enjoy the fun! For those who missed out, Murri Claus will be making one more special guest appearance in The Corner at The State Library on 20 December 2012, 10.30am.

The State Library of Queensland will have activities during the 12 days til Christmas at Southbank.

Here are the details…

The Reading Garden and Storytelling Sessions

10:00am – 4:00pm daily, Riverside Green
Storytelling Sessions – 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm daily

Sugarplum Performances

10:00am & 2:30pm daily, Riverside Green (1 hour)

Chatterbox Workshops

10:00am – 4:00pm daily, Riverside Green

On behalf of kuril dhagun and the State Library of Queensland we would like to wish you all a Murri Christmas and a safe and solid New Year! Stay deadly!