Bringing the Which Way to Brisbane

Over the past four weeks, The Edge has been host to kuril dhagun’s first ever series of social media workshops for the Brisbane Murri community.

In the first workshop we looked at getting started online. We did a bit of offline work – talking about how different people react to being online, what “the web” is, including Web 2.0. We discussed how we can “behave” online, security and privacy.

In the second workshop we looked at blogging, what it is and how to start a Blogger site. Each participant created their own blog. We also discussed privacy and safety issues online.

The third workshop was about looking at a range of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube. We talked about the different language that is used – “friend” vs “follow” vs “like” vs “subscribe”. Importantly, we provided clear directions about privacy settings, blocking, hiding and “defriending”.

The final workshop was a culmination of all of the workshops where participants looked at Google Sites, Google’s free Wiki product. Google Sites and other tools like blogs and Facebook Groups, allow individuals and families to create spaces for the recording and sharing of family history information and data.

“Social Media” is such a limited word. Many use the term every day, and they’re generally referring to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social Media is a limited label, as there are very few sites online today that don’t have a “social” aspect to them. It is gradually becoming so integrated with out every day life, that it is redundant.

But what if you still don’t have regular access to the web? And there are many in our community who do not. Getting our community access to the internet is a challenge that we face across the continent, and is probably outside the scope of kuril dhagun. However, once access is sorted, working with communities to build the skills and knowledge to use online tools for the benefit of the community, is an exciting and positive initiative that will bring change in the short and long term.

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