Remains and Repatriation talk series

As you may be aware kuril dhagun has changed the format of our beloved Night by the Fire talk series. Our revised program revolves around a central theme. We have three Indigenous guest speakers each present at  their own Night by the fire in kuril dhagun’s Talking Circle. Then the presenters are invited back to be apart of a panel discussion to explore the topic further.

Our recent theme ‘Remains and Repatriation’ was such a interesting topic and it had so much community interest. We had our three small Night by the fire events with guest speakers Dale Kerwin, Bob Weatherall and Leonie Coghill. Griffith University lecturer, Dr Dale Kerwin, spoke of his fascinating research and discoveries learned during his academic career, Bob Weatherall shared his personal story of repatriating his own tribal ancestors and his decades of experience in the field, whilst Leonie Coghill spoke about her experiences and role as the Repatriation Officer at the Queensland Museum and insight to the institutional processes. I was present at two of these talks and recorded the presentations; you can view them at the State Library’s Webcast page.

This week we had the Remains and Repatriation Forum and the culmination of the talk series. The event had the beautiful Dr Chelsea Bond facilitate, Dale and Leonie as panelists and special guest Professor Steve Webb deliver a lecture on the discovery of Mungo Man. The 42,000 year old remains of Mungo Man and Mungo Lady are some of the oldest human remains discovered outside of Africa. Their discoveries in 1974 revealed the intricate and complex cultures of Aboriginal peoples, not yet known to the Australian public.

We have some interruptions due to the G20 happening in Brisbane city next week but I will endeavor to upload the recording from the forum within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience and understanding.