Miles away

As many already know, the kuril dhagun team now has its office space at The Edge building of SLQ and although we are further from the venue on Level 1, we love having windows, natural light and being able to see the river. For the past 6 months the team has been sharing the downstairs office with The Edge and APDL staff. This brings opportunity to collaborate more with these areas of the library.

This week I’m going on a road trip with Andrei from The Edge team. We will drive 4hrs north west to Miles, a small rural town in Queensland. I will be assisting in facilitating workshops called Creative Community Computing (CCC). Participants learn how to put together a computer by taking one apart and then reassembling it. Then we deck them out with open source software and do a few creative activities. The cool thing is that the end of the workshop each person gets to take home their very own computer.

This time the workshop will be with school leavers from Miles High school that don’t already own a household computer. The Edge run CCC workshops for groups of up to 10 people who are in need of a computer, often with new migrants and other marginalised groups. I’m hoping to bring this to our Indigenous mob. I know there are a lot of families that would benefit from having a computer in the house. I remember using public computers throughout high school and university and it was a real challenge.

We have a stack of donated and decommissioned computers that need a new home. If there are any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people interested in taking part in a workshop like this, please get in touch by sending general EOI to .