The final countdown to A Thousand Words

It’s the final countdown is on to the launch of A Thousand Words, portraits by Cheryl Creed and Nickeema Williams.

The flyers have arrived, the paint has dried and we’re tinkering with final touches.

The flyers have arrived!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy painting, framing, hanging, putting up vinyl and wallpaper, fiddling with flowers, filming and editing, weaving around poles, updating iPads, mounting a projector, and furnishing Cheryl’s pop-up studio; paint brushes and all!

Amanda and I have also been visiting people in and around Brisbane whose portraits Cheryl has painted. We’ve filmed interviews where they tell us what it means  to have Cheryl paint them, reminisce about that moment in their lives and the impact the portrait has had for them personally as well as their family. Their stories are so touching with some really heartfelt teary moments and then laughs about stylin’ up for facebook, which is how Cheryl often chooses and contacts the people she wants to paint. Everyone we’ve spoken to is very humbled and really excited to get together and see their portraits in the flesh.

We left the vinyl installation to the experts

We’re also very excited to see the artists on Friday when they fly into Brisbane from Cairns to give the exhibition their seal of approval.

You can join us on Saturday 6 December from 3pm, rain, hail or shine, for the first of our new workshop series A Thousand Fibres: wearable art with Nickeema Williams. Spaces are limited so it’s best to book in as soon as possible! If you miss out on a chance to participate in the workshop, you can watch as Cheryl finishes off a portrait of her granddaughter in her pop-up studio until 5pm.

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