How will Murri Claus arrive this year?

Murri Christmas is my favourite event of the year! This is when we get a special visit from Murri Claus (our Indigenous Santa). Each year Murri Claus arrives in all sorts of stylish modes of transport.

In 2007, Murri Claus arrived on the back of Harley Davidson motorbikes with his bikie crew.

In 2008, Murris Claus came cruising in via a boat, along the Brisbane River.

In 2009, Murris Claus came with his very cute elves on horseback.


In 2010, Murris Claus took the trackless train that did loops around the library.











In 2011, Murris Claus styled up in a limousine with his granddaughter Mz Claus and friends.


In 2012, Murris Claus was cycled in on the back of Brisbane’s iconic Green Cab.

In 2013, Murris Claus he came by foot falcon from the outback.




So how will Murri Claus arrive this year?? Come along to find out!

Murri Christmas

When: Sat 13 Dec 2014, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Venue: The Studio, level 1, State Library
More information: kuril dhagun on 3842 9061