The Reading Nook

If you haven’t visited kuril dhagun in the last 6 months, that’s a shame because you wouldn’t know there is a new space we call the Reading Nook. It is a space for families to read, create and learn about Australia’s Indigenous peoples. During Autumn we’re exploring reflections, features, imagery and portraiture as part of the A Thousand Words program.

With a beautiful view of the Brisbane river, the reading nook is a great way to relax and read one of our Indigenous books or do some DIY learning activities. The best feature of the space is it’s inclusion of Aboriginal languages. The Reading Nook currently features Butchulla language from Fraser Island or K’gari. You can learn names of body parts, animals and create sentences on the magnetic board.

This small area is set within kuril dhagun where you can also view exhibitions, installations and screenings from Australia and other First Nations Peoples. Parents and carers are asked to stay with their child during their visit. We also urge people to tidy up before they leave. We love having the Reading Nook and seeing it active and encourage everyone to take advantage of the fun and interactive activities and accessibility to beautiful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander books and resources.

The Reading Nook
Open daily 10am–5pm
kuril dhagun, level 1