Happy Clancestry Week!

Our friends and neighbours at Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) have a massive week of programming as Clancestry  goes into full swing.

Once again kuril dhagun was very happy to take part in the Living Histories project curated by former kuril dhagun Manager,  the beautiful Nadine McDonald-Dowd.

This year’s theme is ‘A moment in time’.  It brought together members of Brisbane’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and created an opportunity for them to acknowledge another person’s impact on their life: positive or negative, big or small, known or unknown. As a part of the process the participants came to library with their guest and sat down for an interview. In most cases the guest didn’t reveal the reason for the meeting just that they were going to be involved in a film project. I only had the opportunity to film two of the ten interviews, as my assistant Perry filmed most,  but for the conversations I witnessed, it was a very moving to experience someone expressing pure gratitude to someone else and there were many tissues being passed around.


We also had the wonderful and talented photographer, and former kuril dhagun colleague, Jo-Anne Driessens take portraits of the pairs. The interviews were then transcribed and given to a graphic designer, who happens to be a former kuril dhagun cadet, the fantastic Keisha Leon. Keisha worked her magic and combined the photographs and excerpts from the interviews into a wonderful series of posters which can be viewed in the QPAC tunnel.

12309874_904227392978931_2811457549836943957_o sharon

Thank you to the participants for sharing their special moments in time: Josh Kilroy, Getano Bann, Rhianna Patrick, Dulcie Bronsch, Steven Oliver, Leeanne Enoch, Matthew Bond, Graeme Blanco, Sharon Kinchela, and Bridget Garay. Please take a few moments to read some of the beautiful quotes as you walk through the QPAC tunnel this Clancestry week.

Living History Project: A Moment in Time
Date: 30 Nov – 6 Dec
Venue: QPAC Tunnel
Admission: free

And I would also encourage everyone to express your gratitude to the ones that have impacted your life, it really is an equally rewarding feeling!