Tuesday Travel to the Ration Shed Museum

Post by Elisa Carmichael

On Tuesday April 19, our exhibitions team and manager travelled to the Ration Shed Museum in Cherbourg to meet about a very exciting exhibition coming to kuril dhagun at the end of the year!

We met with Aunty Sandra Morgan, chairperson of the Ration Shed Museum and researchers Matthew Wengert and Peter Trail. We viewed the permanent exhibition displays and discussed the history of the Barambah Pottery from Cherbourg.

It all began when we received an expression of interest application from the Ration Shed Museum last year. Since then we have been planning an exhibition of Barambah Pottery ceramics and the history of the Barambah Pottery Studio. The exhibition will showcase Barambah Pottery, objects and images, documenting the creative and economic importance of this venture to the Cherbourg community through the 1970’s-80’s. The artistic and social history of the Barambah Pottery Studio will also be displayed alongside new artworks and craft pieces made by the current generation of Cherbourg creators.

Watch this space for more exhibition updates!

 photo blog1

 Photo featuring Aunty Sandra Morgan, Katina Davidson, Leecee Carmichael, Peter Trail.