Murri Christmas 2016!

Written by Sam Summers.

Last Saturday, kuril dhagun celebrated the festive season yet again with another visit from our favourite man in red (or Hawaiian and Hi-Vis), Murri Claus!

This year, Murri Claus brought more of a relaxed vibe into SLQ after travelling down from the Sunshine Coast. With the help of Maureen O’Shea from Noosa Public Library, we were lucky enough to borrow the Book Bike as this years ‘sled’ for Murri Claus to ride in on, a very impressive bicycle to behold!

In addition to this year’s performance, and in theme with the recently launched Barambah Pottery exhibition, we also held pinch pot and ceramic painting workshops in the Knowledge Walk for children and adults to enjoy.


Natalie Mooney, Perry Mooney, Noah Mooney and The Hon. Leeanne Enoch MP participating in Ceramic Painting workshops.

After finishing these workshops, the participants had the opportunity to take their works home with them as a Christmas gift. The children were thrilled to see Murri Claus ride into SLQ with all the bells and whistles, as he settled down up on the platform to perform a number of songs for all to enjoy.


Murri Claus making his grand entrance into The Knowledge Walk, State Library of Queensland.

Murri Claus gave all of us a unique rendition of the 12 days of Murri Christmas, with 12 super deadly gifts for all to sing about. It was particularly exciting to see The Hon. Leeanne Enoch MP, SLQ State Librarian Vicki McDonald, as well as a number of our staff join in on the sing-a-longs.

After this, the children had an opportunity to sit with Murri Claus and have their photos taken, a deadly addition to the fridges at home I am sure!


Murri Claus performing his Christmas songs for the children.


(L to R) The Hon. Leeanne Enoch MP, Executive Director Jane Cowell and SLQ State Librarian Vicki McDonald joining in on the Christmas cheer.

The team at kuril dhagun and Murri Claus would like to thank everyone who came along and helped us celebrated with the community, it was a very successful afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Stay safe, and enjoy the Christmas season with your family, friends and loved ones.


(L to R) Aunty Sandra Morgan, Aunty Dawn Johnson and Aunty Janet Brown getting a Christmas photo with Murri Claus.