Meet our mentoree Emma Dunrobin

It has been a wonderful experience getting to meet and spend time with Emma Dunrobin. Emma is a Career Trackers intern at the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation in their Human Resources unit. Emma is a student at Central Queensland University in Mackay and is working towards a Bachelor of Business with a double major – HR Management and Business Management. During her time in Brisbane, Emma was my mentoree and learnt about my role as Manager of kuril dhagun, we shared stories about my career pathway and about her career aspirations. Emma was able to spend a bit of time in kuril dhagun with my team and connect through our community programming. Emma’s intership will finish on 10 February but it’s likely she will return to Brisbane in the near future. It has been a great initiative to be a part of and it’s always a pleasure to meet inspiring young people with bright futures!

Emma: Tell us about your experience?

I am interning in the workforce strategy team of the HR business unit. I’m currently working on the planning and development of a virtual expo. The aim of the expo is to improve staff understanding of all diverse functions within the organisation. As well as improve connection and reduce barriers for collaboration while increasing potential for staff to seek opportunities to work across the broader areas of the department. From this I’ve learnt the process of procurement and stakeholder engagement, as well as developing action plans and communication.

I’ve also had the opportunity to move around the HR team as a whole. I’ve done a lot of work in Workplace Health and Safety unit where I’ve assisted in the development of an ‘Online Health Assessment’ for all employees within the organisation. This involved making a confidential survey so that the organisation can find out what kind of health support staff need as well as giving them the opportunity to discover their own ‘Health Age’.

As well as this I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on some recruitment and selection panels and training sessions, this area of work specifically stood out to me as a lot of the courses that I have completed in university so far was based around this.