Zarah’s work placement with kuril dhagun

Hello I am Zarah, and I’m a Year Eleven student at San Sisto College in Carina. At school I am currently studying Cert 3 in Business, and to receive this certificate I will have needed to complete work placement in a business environment. I have had the pleasure working alongside the amazing kuril dhagun team. I have developed many new social skills over the week and i have enjoyed learning about event management. Throughout this experience I have had a real insight of what it’s like in the real world! My week here at kuril dhagun has seen me undertake various tasks that the team assigns me to work on to get a real taste of a working environment.

On the 23rd of March guest speaker Karlie Noon, an Aboriginal scientist spoke about science and her studies and how it crosses over with Indigenous culture. This event,  ‘A Night by the Fire’, was held in the kuril dhagun space  as a part of World Science Festival.

Karlie traveled up from Canberra and we collected her from the airport, briefed her about the event and I will be helping in the setup and preparations of the event alongside the team. I also assisted with administration, social media planning and updating statistical data for reporting.

I would like to say a very big thank you to all the people who have taught me new skills throughout the week. Along with learning these new sets of skills and enhancing my knowledge of event management, I hope to use my newfound knowledge and apply it to other important roles I will have in the in the years to come. I have had a unique and wonderful experience here at kuril dhagun and I look forward to what the future holds for me.