Family History workshops

Knowing who you are and where your family or ‘mob’ is from, is integral to personal identity and well-being. Due to a history of forced removals, separation and dispossession, family history research and tracing family through archives and libraries is sometimes the only way that Indigenous people can piece together their family’s stories.

In partnership with Community and Personal Histories in the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, kuril dhagun is presenting an ongoing series of workshops focusing on Indigenous Family History. Launched during Family History month in August the four part series includes an introductory session, researching SLQ collections, scanning family photos and utilising Trove.

On Saturday 2nd of September we held the second workshop in the Who’s Your Mob family history series, looking at SLQ Collections. With the expert help of Colin Sheehan, former John Oxley Librarian, and Queensland Memory’s Tania Schafer we provided access to diaries, photographs, newspapers and other research materials to keen group of researchers.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming sessions:

Scanning your family photos
Saturday 7 October, 10am–12noon
Learn the basics of digitisation and keeping your precious family photos safe.

Troving for Indigenous Family History
Saturday 4 November, 10am–12noon
A session on how to effectively research via the Trove search engine.

Introduction to Indigenous Family History
Saturday 2 December, 10am–12noon
Learn how to initiate your family history research in this beginners session.

Indigenous Family History: SLQ collection highlights
Saturday 6 January, 10am–12noon
Discover the SLQ collections items that may assist with your family history.