A History of Cherbourg’s Marching Girls

kuril dhagun was thrilled to support University of Queensland’s research project on the history of Cherbourg’s Marching Girls throughout the 50’s and 60’s. Researchers Gary Osmond, Murray Phillips and Emily Cameron, together with Aunty Lesley Williams, organised the community meeting in the Loris Williams Room which is the perfect place for sharing and connecting. A number … Read more

New IKC Coordinator for Aurukun


Priscilla Blanco recently joined the team at Aurukun Shire Council as coordinator of Council’s Wik Mungkan Indigenous Knowledge Centre. From Aurukun’s Winchanam clan, Priscilla spent most of her childhood holidays in Aurukun as her grandfather, William Hudson, was a stockman who worked in the community and its outstations. Priscilla’s first day coincided with the Centre’s … Read more

Fun Palace at SLQ


Blog by Sam Sammuels Fun Palace is about community creating and making things together. The events are held in venues where arts and sciences, crafts, technologies, fun and learning, are nurtured so SLQ was an obvious fit. Fun Palaces run all over the world and it is an ongoing campaign for culture at the heart of every community, with participation led by, … Read more