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Happy Clancestry Week!


Our friends and neighbours at Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) have a massive week of programming as Clancestry  goes into full swing. Once again kuril dhagun was very happy to take part in the Living Histories project curated by former kuril dhagun Manager,  the beautiful Nadine McDonald-Dowd. This year’s theme is ‘A moment in time’.  It brought together … Read more

Living Histories project


Blog by Perry Tracey-Mooney. The Living Histories project is about capturing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders stories and presenting them to an audience as a part of Clancestry. You might remember the very large scale portraits of Indigenous Elders on display in the QPAC tunnel for several months last year. This was the outcome for … Read more

Happy Clancestry week!

Our friends at QPAC have pulled together another great festival program for this year’s Clancestry, A Celebration of Country. This annual festival celebrates the arts and cultural practices of the world’s First Nations Peoples with a particular focus on Australia’s Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders. There are some amazing events and best of all, they … Read more