New Accession: Dilys Mary Birbeck Collection: From England to Sydney by Flying Boat

Hythe Flying Boat - Sydney to London.  With accommodation for 22 passengers, the flying boat has four Bristol Pegasus engines, and has an average speed of 165 mile per hour.

The John Oxley Library recently received an interesting collection created by English emigrant, Dilys Mary Birbeck, who travelled from England to Sydney, with her husband and two small daughters, by flying boat in 1948. The flying boat service between England and Australia began in 1938 when large luxury flying boats began to operate a thrice … Read more

Preserving the Websites of Queensland’s Past Premiers

Beattie (Small)

John Oxley Library’s commitment to preserving and sharing aspects of contemporary Queensland life include collecting not only physical materials but also born-digital resources such as websites. Just how do we go about collecting websites?  In short, our web archiving activities involve selecting websites for preservation, preserving copies and making them freely available online by contributing … Read more

Connecting collections on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Council project

Many different groups, individuals and organisations across the state hold incredible Queensland heritage items, and the State Library offers programs and resources to the stewards of this distributed collection of Queensland memory to help preserve and make their content accessible. As the final part of the Connected Collections project, late last year State Library partnered … Read more