Trespass Posts

Entrance to old Cumbooqueepa the residence of Thomas Blacket Stephens South Brisbane ca. 1872. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg  20289

Guest blogger: Bill Kitson – Retired museum curator and co-author of Surveying Queensland 1839-1945 : a pictorial history It has been said and words have been written, that the boundary posts erected on the Town Boundary of Brisbane in 1852 were placed there to inform the Aboriginal people and the police that ‘no Aboriginal person was … Read more

Whatever happened to Queensland rock magazine Backstage?

Queensland rock monthly magazine Backstage. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

In July 1980, Backstage, a Queensland rock music magazine published its first edition. Valued at 40 cents, Backstage was modelled after successful rock music magazines of the period, such as UK’s NME and Melody Maker and the Sydney based Rock Australia Magazine (RAM). The publication was the brainchild of Graham Aisthorpe, who came up with the concept … Read more

Betty Mansion

Betty with her brother Richard and her doll ‘Cuddles.’ Photo supplied by Julie Hornibrook. Photo taken by The Telegraph 1937, held in collection of Julie Hornibrook

Guest blogger: Julie Hornibrook – 2015 Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellow Betty Mansion was a marvellous doll’s house built for eight year old Betty Hornibrook at Clontarf in 1935. This was the same year as the opening of the Hornibrook Highway, built by her father Manuel Hornibrook. Betty’s birthday was in May, perhaps … Read more