Queensland Places – Thursday Island – Doctor Joseph Leathom Wassell

Dr. Joseph Leathom Wassell Memorial, Thursday Island, State Library of Queensland. Neg 42736

The former Thursday Island Government Quarantine and Medical Officer, Dr. Joseph Leathom Wassell was a well-respected and beloved member of the Thursday Island and Torres Strait communities, when he passed away in April 1915.  This is confirmed by the positive newspaper reports of the time as well as the construction of a memorial obelisk by … Read more

Queensland Jazz Memories – Protecting histories of pre-1970s jazz scenes

Billo Smith's Dance Band performing at the Trocadero dance hall, Brisbane, ca. 1943. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg 2648

Guest blogger: Dr Lauren Istvandity –  2017 John Oxley Library Fellow. Queensland has long been known for producing quality musicians and supporting diverse music scenes, including those based in jazz. The significance of local jazz music history has been highlighted through the 2017 John Oxley Library Fellowship, which supports the project I’m currently undertaking titled … Read more

Queensland Places – Thursday Island – European Businesses in the 1880s

Thursday Island, ca. 1895. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland Neg 67481

On Thursday Island during the last part of the nineteenth century, alongside those businesses operated by people representing a wide range of countries and backgrounds, particularly those of Chinese and Japanese descent, a range of European businesses operated. Many of these businesses advertised their goods and services in the Torres Strait Pilot and New Guinea … Read more

Questions within Questions

Tess Maunder, 2017 Mittelhauser Scholar-in-Residence

Guest blogger: Tess Maunder – 2017 Mittelheuser Scholar-in-Residence.  All good research begins with the act of asking questions, and through this speculative process, we can generate even more questions still. During my recent role as co-curator of Why Not Ask Again 11th Shanghai Biennale (2016 – 2017) myself and the Chief Curators, collective Raqs Media … Read more