Oh My God…Heritage Collections' staff welcome Rory McLeod

On the 27th April Heritage Collections’ staff welcomed Rory McLeod, the new Director of Client Services and Collections, by highlighting interesting items contained within the John Oxley Library, the Australian Library of Art, and the Maps Collection.

Australian Library of Art Librarian Helen Cole displays pictorial watermarks produced by the craftsmen of Fabriano in Italy.  This artwork looks like a piece of blank paper until you hold it up to the light. Australian Library of Art librarian Irene Sourgnes displayed the artist’s ‘book’ Trust me by Mona Ryder (2005) created to celebrate the centenary of women’s suffrage and the fortieth anniversary of Indigenous peoples gaining the right to vote in Queensland. Irene Sourgnes explains aspects of the artwork Trust Me to Rory.  The Banksia by Celia Rosser and Alexander George. John Watts necklace Lawrence Springborg cut outs. You’d swear he was in the room.

Each item was chosen by staff members for its “Oh My God” factor. Items included the Phil Dickie Papers revealing the lurid underbelly of corruption in Queensland that resulted in the Fitzgerald Inquiry and Dickie’s book The Road to Fitzgerald, Queensland’s earliest known cookbook kept by Phillis Clark of East Talgai Station in 1867, a beautifully illustrated work titled The Banksias, with botanical drawings by Celia Rosser and text by Alexander George; an 18 carat gold swag necklace with five openwork carved gold hinged pendants, made by Christian Ludwig Qwist for Queensland squatter John Watts; a piece of the Red Baron’s plane, a rare map of Brisbane in 1888; the artists’ book Trust Me by Mona Ryder; and various artworks from the Australian Library of Art.

A big welcome from all of us Rory!