Bundaberg in flood

Major flooding of the Burnett River is relatively infrequent but when heavy rainfall pours down, resulting from low pressure systems over the catchment, significant river rises and floods have occurred, such as those in the years 1875, 1890, 1893, 1928, 1942, 1954, 1971 and presently in 2010. The following John Oxley Library images record some of these.

Tantitha Street during the floods in Bundaberg, 1890. Image number 153840.  Bundaberg in flood, 1893. Image number 9553. Bundaberg during the flood of 1893. Image number 168001. Burnett River during a flood in Bundaberg, 1928. Image number 202890. Whittred Street, Bundaberg 1942 flood. Image number qbun00009. Town wharf during a flood in Bundaberg, 1942. Image number 202884.

Today Bundaberg, like a number of other Queensland towns including Theodore, Dalby, Alpha, Jericho, Emerald and Rockhampton, is flooded with 400 people evacuated overnight as the Burnett River reached 7.9 metres, the highest since 1942 when it reached 8.4 metres.

Looking north toward Bourbong Street down Targo Street. 12.30pm 30th December 2010. Looking north toward the CBC down Targo Street. The Melbourne Hotel Public Bar is beneath the green awning. 12.30pm 30th December 2010. Main Road through the Byweach towards East Bundaberg. Taken at 12.30pm, 30th December 2010 in front of the Lutheran School. Tattersalls Hotel from the 5-ways. 12.30 pm 30th December 2010.

Bundaberg resident Scott Coleman sent through the images above to be added to the John Oxley Library as a lasting eyewitess record of the floods of 2010.  Mr Coleman took these photographs today at 12.30pm.

This recent deluge has caused wide scale damage and devastation throughout Queensland and Northern NSW and, when the waters do eventually recede, images and accounts recorded by those who experienced this natural disaster will form a continuing memory of the events of December 2010.

The John Oxley Library houses photographs, maps, newpapers, diaries, letters and films that record the effect of floods on the people and places of Queensland.