John Oxley Library embraces ‘Punk’ music

This morning the library took possession of a valuable collection of Brisbane punk recordings from the seventies. These recordings are all 7” singles and include works by Young Identities, Just Urbain, Section Urbain,  Bodysnatchers, Upsets and Public Execution. These bands are interesting not only for their music, but also as examples of the music being produced in Brisbane in reaction to the repression of the Bjelke Petersen era, and against a backdrop of constant political protest. These recordings are from the personal collection of local collector, researcher, and author, Andrew Stafford.

Andrew and I with Upsets poster. New collection of punk records for the John Oxley Library.

The library is actively collecting Queensland music and recordings of all genres. If you have any music which you think should be preserved in our collection for the use of current and future generations of Queenslanders, we would like to hear from you. Manuscripts, printed music, sound recordings, (vinyl, CD, MP3, files) programmes, memorabilia, and photographs connected with the Queensland music scene, past and current, would all be valuable additions to our collection. We need you to help us build a collection rich in cultural memory. Please contact me if you can help. My email is: My phone number is 3840 7835.

Laurel Dingle
Queensland Music Coordinator, Queensland Memory – State Library of Queensland