Does heritage have a future? Podcast now available

Left to right: Dr Kate Evans, ABC Radio National; Benjamin Law, author and social commentator; and Richard Fidler, national broadcaster

On 24 October a lively panel discussion with several well-known Queensland identities was held at the State Library of Queensland. Panelists were asked to give their views about the relevance of heritage in the digital age. The panel included national broadcaster Richard Fidler; author and social commentator, Benjamin Law; author, feminist and educator, dr dale spender and journalist Kathleen Noonan. This discussion was moderatred by ABC Radio National’s Dr Kate Evans.

You can also peruse a slideshow of iconic Queensland images which were screened during the evening.

This event was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. The Act allows us to take stock of our precious heritage places and provides protection to places that might otherwise have been lost.  Heritage places help us define what it means to be a Queenslander.

Left to right: dr dale spender AM, feminist and educator and Kathleen Noonan, journalist

This presentation was part of the Out of the Port lecture series, presented by the State Library of Queensland and the Department of Environmental and Heritage Protection.