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Hornibrook Highway

Redcliffe honours the Hornibrook Highway with this interactive sculpture of a park seat, near the Museum – the timber is recycled from the Bridge and the ends are fashioned to represent the art deco portals at either end. Photo Julie Hornibrook

Guest blogger: Julie Hornibrook – 2015 Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellow Discovering more about the story of the Highway has been a real treat, combined with learning more about Redcliffe, family, the Museum and Historical Society and the 1930’s era of art deco! The 80th anniversary of the opening of the Hornibrook Highway … Read more

Charles Gordon Sebastian Hirst 1826-1890: “an itinerant artist about whom little is known”

Hirst, C. G. S. (1881). Claremont House, the residence of Mr George Bashford, near Ipswich

“An itinerant artist about whom little is known” is the usual description of Charles Gordon Sebastian Hirst, the artist who did naïve depictions of northern New South Wales and Queensland properties. However, State Library of Queensland’s paper conservator, Gajendra Rawat, in restoring Hirst’s work, wondered what background Hirst brought to his paintings. A breakthrough came … Read more

McWhirters’ Shopping Guide XMAS 1921

McWhirters' Shopping Guide XMAS 1921 cover. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Shopping for the perfect present at Christmas-time can be a daunting prospect; not necessarily made any easier with our letterboxes stuffed full of the latest catalogues from various stores. Mostly these catalogues end up in the bin, however as the years pass, these catalogues can provide a fascinating insight of contemporary culture, fashions, and of course Christmas … Read more

Mount Morgan State High School now on Queensland Heritage Register

Elevated view of Mount Morgan township, ca. 1911. Mt Morgan Technical College is circled. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg 37624

The Queensland Heritage Council have announced that the Mount Morgan State High School is the latest addition to the Queensland Heritage Register. The Queensland Heritage Register is a list of places that have cultural heritage significance to the people of Queensland. The building, situated on the corner of Central  and Bedsor Streets, was constructed in 1908, and was opened … Read more