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Early rain-making experiments in Queensland

Battery of Stiger Vortex rainmaking guns at Charleville 1902. Clement Wragge on the right. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg 85049

In Australia, water can be a scarce commodity, with various areas of the country suffering through prolonged droughts at times. Its no wonder then that several ‘cloud seeding’ (rain-making) experiments have been conducted in Australia. Here are the tales of two unsuccessful Queensland rainmaking experiments – Brisbane, 1882 In January 1882, advertisements began appearing in the … Read more

The Gum Leaf Letter

In 1910, a newly married couple honeymooning in Yetman, New South Wales, took it upon themselves to mail a gum leaf up to Brisbane to a Mrs F. Humfress at the Commercial Union Chambers, Eagle Street. The large gum leaf was written on directly, wasn’t placed in an envelope, and was even postmarked, before making … Read more

Vale Carol Lloyd

"Only A Matter Of Time", Railroad Gin (1974). John Oxley Library Collection, State Library of Queensland

This week Queensland lost influential singer-songwriter Carol Lloyd, who passed away in Brisbane after a long illness. Lloyd was part of Brisbane’s music scene during the 1970s as frontwoman of the band Railroad Gin. The band is best known for their 1974 single A Matter Of Time. The single reached the number 1 spot in … Read more

UNESCO listing for JOL collection

State Library’s contribution to an internationally significant collection has just been recognised. The James Tyson Papers, held collectively by the Deniliquin & District Historical Society, National Library of Australia, Queensland State Archives and the State Library of Queensland, have been added to the UNESCO Memory of the World Australian Register. James Tyson was an influential … Read more

‘The great apostle of physical culture’ arrives in Brisbane (1902)

Photograph of Sandow from Steele Rudd's magazine July 1906. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg 147977

In October 1902, Brisbane theatre audiences were treated to two world-renowned acts. One was opera singer Nellie Melba, the other the man referred to as the father of modern bodybuilding, Eugen Sandow. Born Friedrich Muller in Prussia, Sandow had been touring Australia since July and garnering a great deal of publicity. On October 27, as … Read more