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Glimpses of Sunny Queensland, 1914

Front cover - Glimpses of Sunny Queensland, 1914. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

On April 3, 1914, Brisbane’s Telegraph newspaper promoted the arrival of the Queensland Government Intelligence and Tourist Bureau’s latest pictorial publication. “Glimpses of Sunny Queensland is a capitally got up picture album, issued by the Queensland Government Intelligence Bureau. It contains 72 pages, the photographs used in the production numbering 86. The pictures represent scenes … Read more

UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage – “Discover, Remember and Share”

Still image from Eric Marshall Motion Pictures, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

The UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is celebrated on 27th October in institutions around the world to highlight the vulnerability of audiovisual materials and the ongoing efforts in safeguarding this cultural memory. The theme for this year is Discover, Remember and Share. Visit the official website to see how collecting institutions around the world … Read more

Diving into the History of Queensland’s Pearl Shelling Industry – The first Pearling trade in Australia

Northern Territory shellfish. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Amery

Guest blogger: Toni Massey – 2017 Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellow Australia’s pearling industry began long before European settlement where pearl shell was used extensively in trade throughout Australia. Archaeological evidence demonstrates that Aboriginal Australians were some of the first people that valued and appreciated the beauty and uniqueness of the pearl shell. … Read more

Pig City: Brisbane’s Historic Soundtrack Concert (2007)

On July 14, 2007, Pig City: Brisbane’s Historic Soundtrack concert was held at University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus. Part of the Queensland Music Festival, the concert was inspired by Andrew Stafford’s book Pig City: from the Saints to Savage Garden, which documents Brisbane’s music scene from the 1970s through to the 2000s. A cavalcade … Read more

Queensland Places – Thursday Island – Doctor Joseph Leathom Wassell

Dr. Joseph Leathom Wassell Memorial, Thursday Island, State Library of Queensland. Neg 42736

The former Thursday Island Government Quarantine and Medical Officer, Dr. Joseph Leathom Wassell was a well-respected and beloved member of the Thursday Island and Torres Strait communities, when he passed away in April 1915.  This is confirmed by the positive newspaper reports of the time as well as the construction of a memorial obelisk by … Read more

Queensland Jazz Memories – Protecting histories of pre-1970s jazz scenes

Billo Smith's Dance Band performing at the Trocadero dance hall, Brisbane, ca. 1943. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg 2648

Guest blogger: Dr Lauren Istvandity –  2017 John Oxley Library Fellow. Queensland has long been known for producing quality musicians and supporting diverse music scenes, including those based in jazz. The significance of local jazz music history has been highlighted through the 2017 John Oxley Library Fellowship, which supports the project I’m currently undertaking titled … Read more