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Archibald Meston Papers OM64-17.

Meston Notebook 6 - Birds.

One of the significant items in the State Library collections for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages webpages is the Archibald Meston Papers.  Items from this collection are featured in the Spoken exhibition. The Australian Dictionary of Biography lists Meston as a journalist, explorer and botanist; however, Archibald Meston (1851-1924) is best known for his role … Read more

Collision of the Steamer Guthrie with the Thursday Island Jetty

Damaged Thursday Island Jetty, 1908. John Oxley Library, Image 39343. Photograph originally published in the Queenslander, 1 February 1908, p.25

The steamer Guthrie was built around 1884 and originally part of the Eastern and Australian Steamship Company’s fleet.  Later, it was acquired by the prominent Queensland company, Burns, Philp & Co, and became part of its Australian fleet of vessels.  The Guthrie was well known at the various ports along the Asian-Australian shipping routes, travelling … Read more

An introduction of the history of Chinese business in Queensland

Guest blogger – Rutian Mi, 2019 Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame fellow. There are many studies on Chinese immigrant history in Queensland but few studies have been done about Chinese business history in Queensland. This research focuses on Chinese businesses in Queensland during 1840-1940 with two case studies: Kwong Sue Duk and Tom See … Read more

Aboriginal Placenames of South-East Queensland.

Aboriginal placenames generate a lot of discussion regarding meanings, translations, etc. – in fact, over the course of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, State Library has received a steady flow of requests asking for meanings or origins of placenames across South-East Queensland. In response, State Library has developed a new Resource Guide for Aboriginal … Read more

Banging the Drumstick: The creative and cultural legacy of the women and migrant workers inside the Peters Ice Cream Factory.

Guest blogger: Tricia King – 2019 Place Making Fellow. Many of us have enjoyed the taste and experience of savoring a Peters Drumstick, a Choc Wedge or have plunged a spoon into a 2L tub of Neapolitan ice cream but few might give thought to the workers who created, designed, manufactured, packed and shipped these … Read more