Meet me at the Paragon

Meet Me at the Paragon, a free exhibition exploring Queensland’s Greek café phenomenon, is now open in the Phillip Bacon Heritage Gallery at the State Library of Queensland until 15 March 2020.

Milkshake shop utensils
Meet me at the Paragon exhibition

On 29 September, representatives from the Greek community were invited to attend a special viewing of the new Meet Me at the Paragon exhibition, along with a white gloves experience.

State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer, Vicki McDonald welcomed guests and provided a brief overview of the exhibition. This was followed by a tour of the exhibition by co-curators Toni Risson and Chrissi Theodosiou.

Meet me at the Paragon with Toni Risson and Chrissi Theodsiou
Co-curators Toni Risson and Chrissi Theodosiou. Photographer Josef Ruckli

A successful day filled with discovering a new dimension to the Greek history of Queensland and great reminiscences of visitors concerning family members. For example Chris Zavros was delighted to discovered that he could obtain a copy of a photograph of his uncles from the John Oxley Library photographic collection.

Chris Zavron at Meet me a the Paragon
Chris Zavros with a photograph of his uncles. Photographer Josef Ruckli

Maureen Cholakos and her daughter found a delightful picture of her as a child.

Meet me at the Paragon
Photograph of Maureen Cholakos. Photographer Josef Ruckli

Mark Zaphir identified his uncle Jim Lathouras in the below photograph of Greek soldiers marching down Brisbane Streets in their traditional uniform. Staff members are currently updating our records to identify Jim Lathouras.

Meet me at the Paragon exhibition photograph
Soldiers in Greek national dress marching in Brisbane, ca. 1941. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Image 49882

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